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ALBUM REVIEW: Holly Golightly – ‘Slowtown Now!’

August 14, 2015 11:00 am

Out August 28, 2015
More information can be found on Holly Golightly’s website

Review by Sophie Ward


Eleven years have passed since Holly Golightly, the talented British singer/songwriter, released a solo album. For fans who have been previously charmed by Holly’s smooth, steady vocals, a listen to Slowtown Now! should be a treat. Also, for new listeners, this is a great introduction to Holly’s style.

Holly Golightly is not a new name to the music business; her career has spanned over two decades, as she first appeared in Thee Headcoatees, a punk band of the mid-nineties. She has since moved to solo work and released albums with friends. Recently she has been keeping busy as one half of the blues/Americana duo Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs.

Holly’s latest album is a great compilation of vintage 1960s ballads with modern hooks. There is a simple rhythm heard throughout the 12 tracks listed, and twangs of guitar that make you feel relaxed. It’s almost like you are sitting on a beach somewhere and Slowtown Now! Is washing over you like a cool summer breeze.

Some of my favourite tracks on the album are ‘Fool Fool Fool’ and ‘As You Go Down’. Both sound like you have stumbled back in time and discovered an unknown 1960s girl group. Another favourite is ‘Empty Space’, a slow, rhythmically relaxing record.

Truthfully, the whole thing has a hint of southern rock about it. Although, this is unsurprising considering Holly now resides in Georgia and, while working with The Brokeoffs, creates a bluesy/American style. While she is still very much involved with The Brokeoffs, Holly has proven that she can have two parallel projects on the go, each of which have the same amount of passion and creativity.


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