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ALBUM REVIEW: The Fratellis – In Your Own Sweet Time

March 19, 2018 11:00 am


Released on 16th March 2018 via Cooking Vinyl

Reviewed by: Elle Wrightson

In Your Own Sweet Time is Glaswegian trio The Fratellis’ fifth studio album.  After their debut album, Costello Music, remained in the charts for 83 weeks, the new album has been met with high expectations. Though having taken on a new louder and bolder sound, The Fratellis have definitely not disappointed. In Your Own Sweet Time is a punchy, passionate and energetic album. It doesn’t let up. Each track is upbeat, maintaining the feel-good vibe while the quirky dark humour that is so strongly associated with The Fratellis shines through. The album’s spontaneity and eccentric decisions show The Fratellis at their best.

Stand Up Tragedy, the first single to be released, powerfully opens the album with a vibe that feels like a prescription for happiness. Through sweaty rhythms and driving riffs, the single purges negativity. Though the sound differs, taking on a more hypnotic pop approach, Stand Up Tragedy is irrefutably a showcase of enjoyment and skill.   The stadium-standard continues into The Next Time We Wed, which lead singer Jon Fratelli named “a good representation of the record”. It contains manic excitement which gushes through the falsetto and ricocheting guitar riffs. The Fratellis’ snappy, dark humour shines through in this track’s alterations of the chorus; “The next time we wed, I’ll be on my best behaviour” and “I specialise in failure, next time we wed I’ll be everybody’s saviour”.

I Guess, I Suppose features punchy guitar riffs combined with an almost electronic, country-like sound. For me, it drew similarities to ‘Spirit in the Sky’ by Norman Greenbaurm, a classic 1969 best-seller, as the track is feel-good, energetic and enthusiastic. Repetitive riffs climb beside “hi-high”‘s, that mimic Michael Jackson’s signature “he-haa”, showing how The Fratellis continue to transcend their abilities, especially vocally, with each album. The lyrics are snappy and alluring; “this life is a complicated business, can I get a witness to my own history”, creating an addictive and ecstatic track that makes it hard to not sing along with.

I Am That, the penultimate track, is an astounding six and a half minutes long, showing how the band’s confidence has sky-rocketed. It is filled with overwhelmingly indulgent, cathartic sounds beside masterful lyrics. The sounds crescendo, increasing the pace and passion of the track, into a euphoric, blissful expression of musical harmony. It creates the perfect testament to the groovy closing track, Let’s Go, which is filled with escalating guitar riffs and suave, punchy rhythms. The energy is nothing short of an 80s party anthem. This adrenaline drums through the lyrics also; “put your dancing shoes on while you still can, let the music be your only vice, oh don’t you think twice. Let’s go!”

Overall, In Your Own Sweet Time is an album that has been positively influenced by the power present in British rock and 1970s American rock. These influences have created an exceptionally energetic album that ensures the band’s passion radiates through. It is upbeat, joyous and rejuvenating. Optimism shines through, encouraging the listener to celebrate life; to dance, laugh and as Jon Fratelli quoted; “not to take life too seriously”. So sit back, embrace and enjoy.


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