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ALBUM REVIEW: Turin Brakes – ‘Lost Property’

January 22, 2016 2:00 pm

To learn more about Turin Brakes, visit their website by clicking here.

Reviewed by: Sophie Ward

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A lot has happened since 1999, but one thing has stayed the same in the last sixteen years, and that is the friendship between two highly talented musicians: Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian. These childhood friends turned rock-duo have sold around one million records worldwide under the band name Turin Brakes. They continue their long career this year, as they release their seventh studio album Lost Property.

Opening with ‘96’, we hear a futuristic beat that is both simple and entrancing. It certainly shows these boys still know how to rock. The album doesn’t have a definitive sound by which to categorise it, offering up classic ballads such as ‘Save You’, before moving to gloomy, darker sounds (‘Black Rabbit’) and infectious, upbeat, snappy songs in the ilk of ‘Keep Me Around’. Turin Brakes have created an album that is filled with what can only be described as acoustic magic.

‘Brighter Than the Dark’ was one of the more unusual tracks. Starting off as if it were a full-on rock jam, the band plays with such intensity for the first 20 seconds, but instead of continuing the momentum, what follows is Knights’ soothing vocals, a guitar and the odd hand-clapped beat. This lasts for a little while before Knights bellows out a huge note and the music intensifies once again. The end result is both unusual and highly enjoyable.

‘Jump Start’ and ‘Martini’ are the two strongest tracks here. The former reminded me of ‘Free Fallin’’ by Tom Petty due to its classic rock vibes. It has an anthemic quality; upbeat in its melody and uplifting in its lyrics, you can’t help but sing along. By contrast, the latter features simple fingerpicked guitar strings and calming, intimate singing.

Turin Brakes may not be the most famous post Brit- pop band that London has produced in the past few decades, but they may be one of the most earnest, and as Knights sings on ‘The Quiet Ones’: it’s “Always the quiet ones you got to watch / When you’re asleep, we’re waking up.” I hope that Lost Property gets these guys the acclaim they’ve been long overdue.


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