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BOOK REVIEW: The Land of Stories: Worlds Collide by Chris Colfer

January 8, 2018 10:50 am

Review by Jowita Krasik 

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This sixth and final installment is a nice conclusion to the story. It emphasises the strength of the relationship between Alex and Conner which has developed over the course of the books. In this final installment, Alex’s every move is controlled by an evil witch and her accomplices. Conner’s goal is to find his sister and save the otherworld from being taken over, as well as saving the fairytale world which is still in peril.

One of my favourite parts of the book was the prologue; it gives a nice glimpse into the characters’ future and mirrors the author’s past. Colfer’s portrayal of Conner parallels himself and his writing process, which is fascinating. To readers who are aware of Colfer’s background with writing the stories, this adds a layer of truth. It’s this strange moment of metafiction where the storyworld merges with the real.

It’s also strange to see the fairytale characters in the real world of the story. It once again creates this idea that fictional characters are a part of the real world. Colfer’s descriptions of the reactions each individual has to the real world are both comedic and realistic. I experienced that feeling of wonder you have when you first come to a new and strange place, and I’m sure many other readers will be able to resonate with this too.

In addition, the slow lead up to the two worlds coming together throughout the books parallels the twin’s first entering the fairytale world in the first book. The theme of the unfamiliar is reintroduced, which gives the series a sort of cyclical structure. It results in a well rounded and complete story.

All in all, it’s sad to see The Land of Stories series come to an end. It’s a series that I’ve enjoyed even as a young adult and will definitely revisit one day with my own children.


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