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BOOK REVIEW: All About Mia by Lisa Williamson

May 5, 2017 11:00 am

Out Now.

Published by David Fickling Books.

Review by Jade Copeland. 

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All About Mia is a young adult book by Lisa Williamson which follows the path of a girl named Mia. Mia is the middle child in her family with no extraordinary talent in comparison to her amazing older sister Grace – who is an A* student, travels the world and attends Cambridge University – and her star athlete younger sister Audrey, who has high hopes for competing in the Olympics when she is older. And then there is Mia: wild, unruly Mia who spends her time drinking, partying and doing nothing to further herself. However, after months abroad Grace finally returns home with a swollen belly and a lot of explaining to do. Mia is overjoyed that her once-perfect sister is no longer the golden angel with the perfect grades: but her parents don’t take it the way Mia had hoped they would and instead they are overjoyed by this unplanned pregnancy: Grace is as perfect as ever. The novel then follows Mia’s out of control downward spiral caused by of her sister; ruining relationships with both her friends and family as a result of her behaviour until finally, an unexpected event whilst her parents are in New York cause Grace and Mia to have to put their differences aside and work together.

I really enjoyed All About Mia: as a fan of Lisa Williamson’s previous work I was delighted to have a chance to read her latest novel. I believe that this book would be a very relatable read for many teens that have other siblings, even though I didn’t relate to Mia I did relate to Grace, which I found highly enlightening and a clever way to incorporate all types of teenagers into the book. This was a truly heart-warming story of how – no matter how estranged family may become – eventually you will find your way back to each other in the most unexpected circumstances.


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