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BOOK REVIEW: Bring Me the Head of Ivy Pocket by Caleb Krisp

October 6, 2017 11:30 am

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Published by Bloomsbury

Review by Zakiyah Ahmed


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Bring Me the Head of Ivy Pocket is the hilarious conclusion to the Ivy Pocket Trilogy, which is about the girl who absolutely everyone is trying to avoid. In the final instalment of the trilogy, Ivy Pocket is on a dangerous mission to rescue her best friend Rebecca, who is trapped in a parallel universe. To make matters worse, the diabolical Estelle has kidnapped Anastasia and has concealed her in an unknown place. If Ivy Pocket is not able to solve the mystery, then Rebecca and Anastasia are in for an awful surprise. But, if anyone is able to do it, it’s Ivy Pocket, who certainly has the skills. This is a book prefect for young teens, or anyone wanting to get in touch with their inner child.

A warning to the readers: you have to have read the previous books in the trilogy, otherwise you will be baffled.

Although Ivy Pocket is finally in the possession of the Clock Diamond, this hasn’t stopped her being deceived, locked away and treated horribly by her adoptive parents. And now she has fallen ill and a man has begun following her around everywhere. This is a highly original adventure, which will intrigue the reader; however, as it describes Ivy’s daring rescue, it can sometimes be slightly scary.

It’s easy to relate to Ivy due to her engaging personality; while she can be self-delusional, clumsy and vain, she is always delightfully funny and tenacious. Her slightly clueless nature is balanced out by her quick wit, thus making her a relatable, imperfectly perfect protagonist. The trilogy as a whole is hugely entertaining because Ivy is such wonderful company. While she keeps her humorously ridiculous character traits, Ivy’s character develops throughout the books.

At once sarcastic and serious, this unique story will captivate the reader’s mind. Although the development of the story can be quite slow, Krisp was able to live up to the standards set by the previous books, and maintain its melodramatic style through the self-opinionated voice of Ivy.

Bring me the head of Ivy Pocket is the perfect way to end the trilogy: a gripping book that uses mystery and plot twists and leads you to an astonishing conclusion. It is perfect for anyone wanting to explore their imagination. So many of the characters return from previous book in the trilogy and tie the whole storyline together. It is well written and will definitely keep you guessing until the end, when you are finally given the answers.


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