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BOOK REVIEW: Ryan Higa’s How to Write Good

December 6, 2017 1:55 pm

Out now 

Review by Zakiyah Ahmed

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How to Write Good is a memoir. We get a glimpse of Higa’s life pre-YouTube and gain an insight into his experience of being bullied horribly at school and his contemplation of completing suicide.  Most importantly though, Higa reveals how he was able to overcome these issues. This book demonstrates that Higa is a fantastic role model.

How To Write Good isn’t just a book which offers tips for an aspiring author, as he is practically a newbie himself to this type of business. Rather, his memoir gives you an insight into the difficulties and challenges he faced and had to overcome, such as the severe physical and mental impact of being bullied. He communicates a very serious message to us. Yet, I was surprised by how he was able to deliver such a serious message in such a humorous way that genuinely made me laugh out loud. Is isn’t a gloomy book yet isn’t just a comedy – it’s a merge of both. It’s glomedy! Hats off to Ryan for doing such a fantastic job and for bringing his unique and quirky voice to the page. It takes you on a journey throughout periods of his childhood and you can really hear his voice as you read. It allows you to take inspiration from his life and implement it in your own. I believe that a lot of children would relate to Higa’s story.

I thought it would be difficult to review a memoir. But Higa offers an in-depth insight into his life, and shows that things will ALWAYS get better. Higa creates an emotional connection with the reader because what he experienced was so relatable. I was pleasantly surprised by this book and actually found myself enjoying it, especially the comic strips.

However, I did realise how a lot of the content is similar to what he has revealed in his videos, which are free to view. This is certainly a downside, but the delivery of the memoir is quite different from the videos. There is a few links with his YouTube channel, but even readers who are not tuned in to YouTube can still enjoy it.

How to write good is Ryan’s memoir, but it is also a lesson for everyone, which proves that we all have the ability to turn our lives around. This book served its purpose and was able to show how you can write your own story that gives you the ending that you deserve.  Also, you do learn quite a bit about how to write good. 


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