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BOOK REVIEW: Seven Trees of Stone – Leo Hunt

March 8, 2018 11:00 am

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Seven Trees of Stone is published by Hachette and is available now

Review By Jowita Krasik

Seven Trees of Stone is the final installment in the Thirteen Days of Midnight Trilogy. The series follows the adventures of Luke Manchett and his girlfriend Elza, who are both involved in magic. The story picks up on New Year’s Eve with Luke and Elza on their way to Darren’s (Luke’s mother’s partner’s) cabin. Once midnight strikes, events take a turn for the worse; they find that Dunbarrow becomes a place joined with the Deadside.

The premise is very engaging from the very beginning. It is not only a continuation of the story, but also a further development of characters other than the protagonists. Luke and Elza are reconnected with their secondary school friends, and unlike in the previous books, they are able to get involved and work with them.

Furthermore, we are able to see more of the Deadside and how it functions. We are able to see how the Deadside and Liveside work when combined which, although it is the source of the problem, it also gives the audience a better understanding of the literary world the author has created. It makes for an interesting course of events.

The writing style adds to the ease of the story while still keeping the reader in suspense. Hunt uses his language to really immerse the reader in the story, without being overly poetic. The action matches the writing in such a way that the pace of events appears to almost correspond to the speed of your reading, which is a very effective way of keeping the reader interested in the plot.

All in all, Seven Trees of Stone is a great way to end the series. The author does well to showcase his well-tuned writing style, as well as giving the characters the end they deserved.


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