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BOOK REVIEW: The Land of Stories: An Author’s Odyssey by Chris Colfer

December 14, 2017 11:00 am

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Review by Jowita Krasik

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An Author’s Odyssey is the fifth instalment in the Land of Stories series. It continues to follow the adventures of the twins, Alex and Conner, within the fairy-world. The story revolves around Alex and Conner’s efforts to rescue the royal families from the hands of the Masked Man. The book follows a couple of different plotlines, which are all intertwined with each other and feed into the same story. The story contains intriguing mythological elements, which give the series another dimension.

I really admire Chris Colfer’s ability to construct a world that is able to function for such a long time. I remember waiting for the release date of The Wishing Spell, which is the first book of the series. I had already been a fan of Chris Colfer, the actor, but his literary works reveal a different side to him. I have to say that, throughout the series, I have really grown attached to the characters he has constructed. Alex and Conner are the brave and inquisitive teenagers that I always hoped to be, which makes them relatable to a younger audience.

As a reader who is older than the target audience of the series, I still felt as though I could connect to the characters, but in a very different way. I found myself giving advice to the twins as I was reading. Therefore, when the two reconnected with their mother, it was easier for me to understand the mother’s effort to create a more ‘normal’ relationship with them. It made me realise that this is a book that could be enjoyed by both parents and children, which isn’t often the case with children’s fantasy fiction.

The book is full of adventure and interesting characters, yet it doesn’t have an overly complicated plotline (as long as you’re reading the series from the beginning), which makes it a perfect night-time read.


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