Our writers are great. You can read about them here.


George Aird
Hi, my name is George Aird. I’m approximately 90% adjectives and 10% relevant content. I write here: @G_Aird, and sometimes here: www.reverbsounds.wordpress.com.

Hester Alderman
I’m Hester, an 18 year old sixth former. I enjoy climbing and gaming and reading, and my main goal at the moment is to finish writing a novel.

Beth Allison
I am 19 years old and currently working on two novels, a blog (www.writingtheworldblog.wordpress.com) and a bit of anything and everything else that pops into my head. Progress is slow but steady – watch this space! I also make the occasional tweet: @bethallison_x. I hope you enjoy Cuckoo Review!

Jacob Armstrong
Hello, I’m Jacob Armstrong, a lower sixth form student currently perusing prospectuses whilst revising in desperation at oncoming exams, and trying to stay on top of a growing ‘to read’ pile.

Nasim Asl 
Having recently emerged from the chrysalis of post-secondary education and found myself an adult, I’m an aspiring English undergraduate currently awaiting International Baccalaureate results with massive dread. I pass most of my time with my head in a book, but I’m also known as a notorious fangirl and people person.

Rob Ash
I’m a recently graduated English Lit student, considering a career in journalism however, up until now, I have only written about music. I am hoping that Cuckoo Review can widen the depth of my portfolio by allowing me to explore different art forms.

Elizabeth Atkin
My name is Elizabeth. I’m a writer and a second year at Newcastle University. Follow me on twitter @iamnotblonde, even though my twitter handle is lying to you.

Rachel Atkinson
Rachel Atkinson, 17, quite enjoys collecting more books than she could ever possibly read, writing poetry in her head, talking in the third person and a nice cup of tea.

Jack Auty
Hi, I’m a 17 year old A Level English Language/Literature student from Sunderland. Avid reader, music lover, and novice filmmaker… aspiring journalist for Cuckoo also. I hope you all enjoy reading my articles!


Jack Blenkinsop
Hello, I’m Jack Blenkinsopp and I am 18 years old. I’m at St John’s sixth form, looking to study literature at university, and I enjoy the music of Manic Street Preachers, Savages, David Bowie, Sparks and Pulp, the writing of Greil Marcus and Bret Easton Ellis, and Woody Allen’s early, funny ones.

David Broderick
My name is David Broderick, and I’m currently studying literature at Northumbria University. When I grow up, I want to be a music journalist.

Gabriel Brown
Hi I’m Gabriel. I’m 15, and currently working on one novel, all while keeping up on articles, interviews… and school. I am an aspiring journalist/writer, and write my own stuff on https://gabrielirbrown.wordpress.com/. I also tweet a bit @GabrielBrown123.

Lewis Brown
My name is Lewis Brown. I’m 19, studying English language and literature at Edinburgh, and write a mix of poetry and prose.


Laurie Chetwood
Hello, my name is Laurie Chetwood and I am 15 years old. I am an aspiring young journalist and writer.

Emily Craig
Hi, I’m Emily and I’m currently studying film and television Studies at Northumbria University. In my spare time I like watching film and television (obviously!) and I read a lot of books! I wish to pursue a career in film criticism so hopefully you will all like my reviews!

Jane Currie
I’m Jane, an English and Creative Writing graduate of the University of Sunderland. Although I still write as a hobby, my main love is reviewing books and theatre shows, which I enjoy doing for Cuckoo and my own blog https://worldsininkblog.wordpress.com/. I am also Editor-In-Chief of new digital publishing company Bandit Fiction.


Elizabeth Dawson
Elizabeth is currently studying English Literature at Durham University. She loves reading, art and any sport to do with being in or on water.

Rebecca Goodwin
I’m a 20 year old English Literature student at Northumbria University. I love writing and reading (surprisingly!) and I review the odd book at my blog: thewordgirlreviews.blogspot.com. I also enjoy live music, discovering new bands, and really terrible puns.

Oscar Dempsey
Oscar Dempsey is a practising Artist, Director based in the North East working with writing and performance. Oscar graduated from Newcastle University with a BA in Fine Art in 2014 and is currently the Artistic Director of SuperPosition Productions, founded in 2014.


Rosa Garland
I’m in my second year of A-Levels, ready to study Lit at university in October. I love acting, reading and writing poetry. I got into reviewing as I see a lot of theatre and found I always had a lot to say about it, so decided to put it into written form; I love connecting with messages arising from theatre and literature.

Ryan Gray
Ryan is a 23-year-old linguistics graduate and aspiring journalist from Northumberland. He is passionate about travel, literature, languages, music, comedy and sport.

Hannah Grencis
I’m 18 and currently studying media production at college. I enjoy watching and writing about films, attending live music events, and spending way too much time overthinking things!

Elizabeth Gibson
I am Fiction Editor at Miracle Magazine and have been published in The CadaverineSonderVisual Verse and Ink, Sweat and Tears. I love writing for Cuckoo and have also written for Manchester Literature Festival. I study at the University of Manchester, love old music, stargazing and cats and hope to have my YA novel published some day. I tweet at @Grizonne and can be found at http://elizabethgibsonwriter.blogspot.com.


Charlotte Hall
As a student living in Newcastle, I’ve become increasingly interested in the city’s arts scene, particularly the theatre. In my teens I frequently visited my local theatre and performed in many live productions. I am a sub-editor at Northumbria Students’ Union magazine, NSU/Life and also write for student website ‘Kettle Mag’. For the past three years, I have also kept my own opinion and lifestyle blog. Please feel free to take a look: http://writtenby-agirl.blogspot.co.uk

Jade Holroyd
I attended my local stage school up until the age of 18, however since coming to university, I have developed a deeper passion for writing and evaluating theatre. To date, I have written previews, reviews and interviews, all of which have either been published in print or online. Although I have some experience, I am eager to further develop my knowledge and establish a solid portfolio.

Gemma Hirst
I am an A Level student at Prudhoe Community High School, studying dance, performance studies and English language. I write articles for the Student Review magazine and reviews for a range of publishers. I love going to the theatre whether it be acting or being an audience member. In the future I hope to be a journalist in the entertainments section, doing theatre reviews.


Hannah Johnson
I am 19 years old, live in Sunderland and am in my second year of Northumbria University studying English literature and creative writing. I love writing and photography and hope to be an author when I get my degree.

Lucy Jones
I’m currently studying towards an MA in Creative Writing. I wanted to get involved because Cuckoo Young Writers and New Writing North are two fantastic cultural organisations that give opportunities to young creative people in a sector that is difficult to gain experience in. I hope to nurture my review writing skills and hopefully gain an insight into the wider aspects of creative productions.


Sara Kamouni
Sixth form survivor, hopefully heading to King’s College London in September. I feel the same way about writing as I do about frozen yogurt – I just can’t get enough of it. Catch me on twitter @actuallyitssara.

Angus Kirk
My name is Angus Kirk and I am 16 years old. I am currently studying at the King Edward VI School in Morpeth. I’m interested in a career in journalism, so I knew that Cuckoo Review was just the thing for me.


Ruby Lawrence
Ruby Lawrence is a student of English Literature at Durham University. A graduate from The Writing Squad, she writes arts reviews, short stories and journalism. Visit her blog here: www.bloodheattozero.blogspot.co.uk


Sarah McGhee
I’m a 21 year old recent graduate in English and Classics, and I’ve decided to postpone being a grown-up for a year while I travel the world. I post my travel adventures here:
www.thisisanawfullybigadventure.wordpress.com, and ramble on about books here: www.secondstar2thewrite.wordpress.com

Hannah Morpeth
I’m an 18-year-old student who writes things that I rarely finish. If you are reading this it looks like I’ve finished a few things. I blog at writenownewcastle.blogspot.com and tweet at @hannah_m94.


Matilda Neill
I’m 17, currently studying Physics, English Literature, History and French at A Level and my favourite things to write are poems. I am also a member of the Five Ring Circus Troupe and part of an all girls comedy sketch group at Live Theatre.


Rachel Patterson
Rachel Patterson is a 17-year-old A Level student studying English Literature, English Language, History and Philosophy. She loves to write, read (poetry, comics and novels), watch films and TV and listen to musical cast recordings.

Henri Pearson
Henri Pearson is a young writer from North Yorkshire starting his career in magazine journalism. His writing primarily focuses on arts, culture and religion.


Barry Quinn
Aspiring creative writer and journalist with a keen interest in music, cinema and television. Writer for Vada Magazine (http://vadamagazine.com/author/barry-quinn). Follow him on Twitter: @mrbarryquinn or read his blog http://velvetgoldminepantherprincess.wordpress.com/


Jamie Shepherd
My name’s Jamie, I’m 21 and when I’m not being the face of market research and listening to obscure 80s bands, I’m reminding myself that I’m returning to university in September for the second time around.

Alex Sikkink
Alex is 17 and currently studying for 4 AS levels in drama, English literature, history and biology. She hopes to become a theatre director. Hobbies include seeing plays, acting and going to Air Cadets.

Charlotte Stella
I’m fifteen and currently acquiring and attempting to summon faith in what I write. Inspiration makes me happy and I find it in a large collection of things.

Christie Suyanto
I’m a 17-year-old Chinese-Indonesian writer. When not studying or writing, I love reading books, traveling, people-watching and pretending to be a witch.

Emma Swan
I’m an English Literature and creative writing graduate, so I have experience writing creatively and to deadlines. I have recently joined Little Theatre, Gateshead, to fulfil my yearly resolution to get back into acting; I would love to combine my love of theatre with my love of writing in this role.


Maria Tang
An artistic mathematician (or should that be mathematical artist) who greatly enjoys cake and optimism.


Antonia Velikova
Antonia is a Media student in Newcastle University. Originally from Bulgaria, she enjoys good books and movies, long walks in the mountains, and just the right cup of tea. She tweets @dwagunfwoo and her online portfolio of articles, written for different publications, can be found at http://a-velikova.com


Esther Wade
I am a 17 year old sixth form student when I am not at school I love reading and watching films.

Phoebe Walker
Phoebe Walker is currently completing an MSc in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. A former Northern Writers’ Award winner, her poems are most recently published in the Tower Poetry anthology Earth-Quiet. She will be performing at this year’s Ledbury Poetry Festival.

Sophie Ward
I have had a passion for the written word from a small age, and spend most of my free time creating scripts and sketches. I have created a couple of radio things like; Out On Top and From The Beyond. Film is my next goal. I love a good crime novel or indie band and indulge in frequent Netflix binges. I occasionally write for patchworkpaper.co.uk and often tweet through @sofaneilas

Ryan Watson
I‘m not a student for much longer, but as long as I’m allowed to write for things like Cuckoo I’ll be happy. I like Neil Gaiman, fresh air and public transport.

Scott Weddell
Scott enjoys reading and visiting comedy clubs. He is former second editor of the Northumberland County High School’s magazine, The Student Review.

Rosie Willan
After graduating with a First in Journalism & English Literature from Northumbria University, I began working for the University’s press office. During this time, I have been lucky enough to interview Lee Hall, writer of The Pitmen Painters and Ali Pritchard, who founded Alphabetti Spaghetti Theatre Company.

Simone Wood
My name is Simone Wood and I am currently 18 years old. I study Law, Literature, Sociology and Psychology at Gateshead College and hope to one day be a teacher to pass my love of literature onto others. When I don’t have my head stuck in a book or have my ears overtaken with rock, I am usually watching Big Bang Theory, quoting Oscar Wilde or playing with my three cats who I love to annoy.