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EXHIBITION REVIEW: Beatrix Potter: Tales of Mischief @ Seven Stories.

November 6, 2016 11:00 am

Tales of Mischief runs from 1st October to the 8th January. 

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Review by Antonia Cundy 


This charming little exhibition on the sixth floor of Seven Stories displays a collection of original artwork from Beatrix Potter, in celebration of 150 years of her work. Children whiz around the gallery in animal headdresses provided on pegs by the door – acting as the squirrels and bunnies of their much-loved illustrator.


Yet there is also appeal for an older audience, as viewing the delicate and intricately detailed original ink drawings of Potter’s well-known characters and stories evokes a gentle and pleasant bubble of nostalgia.


The exhibition also acts as an eye-opening appreciation of Potter’s artistic talents, often overlooked when the stories are viewed solely as books or tales. Her illustrations and watercolours bring her animals to life, while also humanising them in a rare and masterful way.


The 29 frames are on loan from the National Trust, from the collection at Beatrix Potter’s old house in the Lake District, an area whose beauty she was passionate about maintaining.


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