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FEATURE: An Inspirational Mountain Playlist

September 29, 2017 11:00 am

Written by Amelia Davis

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You know that feeling after you’ve climbed a huge mountain and you look down at the scene below? Your legs are shaking and you have to catch your breath before you can speak again. It’s dizzying to see clouds next to you or the peak of a smaller hill below you. The purples and greens of the natural world glowing in the sunlight are mesmerising. The silence puts things into perspective. You can appreciate the beauty of the world and it’s impossible not to feel invincible.

I like to sing these into the wind when no one can hear me.

1. The Climb – Miley Cyrus

I’ve always loved this song. We used to play it in assemblies and we’d all sing along, much to the teacher’s irritation. The lyrics are very relatable and inspiring. It’s important to live in the now and to stop fretting over what might happen one day. Right now only happens once. Miley Cyrus’s voice is so pure and natural.

2. On Top Of the World – Imagine Dragons

I don’t think it’s hard to see the connection here! This song perfectly represents that feeling of joy and accomplishment when you’re standing at the trig point, where your problems suddenly feel very small…

3. Annie’s Song – John Denver

This is one of my favourite songs in the world. My grandad loved it and would always make me play it for him on my flute. Denver’s voice is beautiful and the lyrics are perfect, evoking a variety of thoughts about nature, love and piety. It’s like taking a deep breath and focussing on all the different smells of the countryside: the heather, the dirt and the sweetness of the breeze. The melody is very simple and easy to sing, but holds its own regardless.

4. Don’t Rain On My Parade – Glee Cast

This song is the perfect remedy to a crisis of self-confidence. After having achieved my goal for the day, coming down to reality seems daunting but I can approach it with a new found sense of self belief. Other people don’t control you; be who you are and be happy with it. Stop trying desperately to be liked by everyone – it will never happen. Just remember that, if you don’t care about what certain people think of you, they can’t hurt you. Perfection isn’t flawless.

5. Carry On – Fun.

It might seem like a bit of a dampener at first listen but the words are actually quite positive: “May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground.” I often think of this quote when I’m feeling down about something I can’t change or control. The imagery of this is very strong; what’s done is done, move on. To reach the next peak, you have to come down from the one you’re standing on. Good times are coming and we wouldn’t appreciate the highs if there were no lows to compare them to.


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