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FEATURE: Everybody Loves But I Hate…Soap Operas

April 20, 2017 11:00 am

Feature by Adam Turnbull.

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I don’t think soap operas work. When people go home to watch TV, they want to escape from their ordinary working lives, but watching a soap opera means merely watching other people going through a normal everyday life – even if the world shown in a soap opera is heightened reality.

I also believe that violence in fantasy or horror TV programmes are less likely to have young people copying them than soap operas, as it is not likely that their own life reflects the world shown in fantasy programmes. Meanwhile, the environments in soap operas mirror ordinary urban life, so young people are perhaps more likely to feel like they want to re-enact the kind of violence depicted in soap operas.

As well as this, many of the characters depicted are often misrepresented by the writers of the programme – characters from working class backgrounds are often used to create a story line which reflects the stereotypical views of that writer; such characters are not well-balanced, fair depictions of working class life.

I also feel that soap operas have become obsolete. When soaps first came out they were unusual for the time, as many popular programmes at the time were about the lives of the very rich. So when the soaps first came out they showed the lives of more ordinary people. Now, however, there are millions of programmes which reflect normal, working life. As a result, soap operas are not really relevant any more.

The plotting of soap operas is overused and tired: the writers have very few chances to make imaginative storylines for soaps, as they are forced to set it in reality and thus have to depend on boring, less imaginitive stories.

I also think that soap operas decrease the chance of tourism in the areas they are based in – the storylines often do not create the best selling points for the areas in which they are set, therefore decreasing the chance of people going on holiday where the soap operas are created.

For all these reasons, even though everybody loves soap operas…I hate them.


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