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FEATURE: Top 5 Pieces of Music for a Rainy Train Journey

July 13, 2017 11:00 am

Written by Claire Cowdery.

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There’s just something about a particularly rainy journey on a train, where the water is lashing against the glass and your face is pressed to the cool surface as you daydream. It’s that staple scene of a film where the protagonist gazes wistfully out of a window, surrounded by a wave of music – these five pieces of music are perfect for reliving these movies.

Daughter – ‘Winter’

From unique trio Daughter comes a really creative piece for this selection. Their song ‘Winter’, an upbeat melody with the band’s usual lyrics – multifaceted and emotive – contrasts many of the following tracks but adds an alternative edge to this playlist. Although the band as a whole may not be to your tastes, their wide selection of songs caters for every person and just about everyone I know who has listened to this band is reminded of a past person, or a distant memory. ‘Winter’ is no exception.

Ólafur Arnalds – ‘Not Alone’

One of my many favourite pieces of instrumental music is ‘Not Alone’ by Ólafur Arnalds. This track – from the hit TV show Broadchurch – has a melancholy feel to it, created by the eclectic arrangement of varying instruments that truly creates an aura of self-reflection. It is a great piece for making you, the listener, truly engrossed in your own imagination. This piece – like many others – is perfect for delving inside the depths of your mind as you sit bored on the trainlly, I find it brilliant for writing on the train: the gentle patter of raindrops alongside this music make writing any heart-rending scene easier.. Persona

 Amber Run – ‘I Found’

Originating from Nottingham, Amber Run has one of the most poignant pieces I have heard, with their 2014 single ‘I Found’, a deep and powerful song from their first album. The original lyrics, alongside simple piano notes, create a stirring piece that fits this selection of music perfectly and almost makes you wonder why this small band haven’t yet achieved greater recognition. This song is so powerful that even the most joyful person has to feel a little melancholy, for it somehow manages to summon tears from the crevices of your eyes with its story. Listen, and if it doesn’t make you cry, go and listen to the instrumental version and prepare for waterworks.

Snow Patrol – ‘The Lightning Strike (What If This Storms Ends?)’

‘The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends?)’ by Snow Patrol is the most mythical of the whole selection. Beginning with a gentle vibe, it is joined by lyrics and an acclimatising beat which creates the dramatic impact that makes it so addictive. It is the perfect mix of instrumental and spoken word, as the instruments are perfectly balanced with its lyrics. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this piece had actually found its way into an indie film already.

Ramin Djawadi – ‘Light of the Seven’

The iconic TV show Game of Thrones has one of the most stunning scores around, with Season 6’s ‘Light of the Seven’, composed by by Ramin Djawadi becoming the highlight of the show’s musical journey. The collection of violins particularly stands out in this piece, creating an eerie ambience and the choral voices add to this effect. A litter darker than the rest, this piece still stands as one of the most dramatic of the selection here and is well worth listening too, even if you aren’t a Thrones fan.


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