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FILM REVIEW: Mindhorn @ Tyneside Cinema

May 16, 2017 11:00 am

Out Now.

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Review by Adam Turnbull.

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The film Mindhorn is a funny and surreal film starring Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh fame, who is at his oddly comic best playing Richard Thorncroft. Thorncroft is a washed-up 70s actor trying vainly to regain his glory days of playing the patch-wearing detective Mindhorn. Then, following a misadventure in Hollywood, the faded, out-of-work Richard Thorncroft ends up returning to the Isle of Man, forced to help the real police when a disturbed killer (played by Russell Tovey) asks for the renowned cop Mindhorn. This gets the girdle-clad, toupee-wearing actor embroiled in an adventure attempting to uncover the corruption in the Isle of Man’s inner circle. Thorncroft also tries to rekindle his relationship with an old flame, Patricia Deville (Essie Davis), who once played his love interest, but who is now married to his jeering ex-stuntman – played brilliantly by Simon Farnaby (star of Horrible Histories and also the co-writer of Mindhorn with star Julian Barratt).

Really, this film should by applauded for its unusual mix of Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man theme and call backs to camp detective TV shows like Bergerac – which was the inspiration for the writers and the imagined pretext that actor John Nettles would be asked to talk to a killer asking for Bergerac. This film is a small gem at the Box Office and will be a treat for anyone who wishes to see it.


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