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GIG REVIEW: Scouting for girls @ O2 Academy Newcastle

December 7, 2017 2:00 pm

Review by Jane Kelly

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24th November 2017

Scouting for Girls pic

I was so excited to be given the opportunity to go this gig at the O2 Academy in Newcastle. Perfect for the band, the small size of the venue really brought everyone together to really appreciate the music. I have always been a fan of Scouting for Girls, therefore being in a room full of people really enjoying the music was an amazing sight to see. I have seen the band once previously, however this was in a big, open space and I don’t believe it gave the music as much justice as what the venue at the O2 did.

Unfortunately, I was a little late because of traffic so I missed the supporting act, however they clearly made a good impression on the audience as they were all hyped and ready for the band to get on stage.

Throughout the set, the band played a lot of their old songs, which created a feeling of nostalgia. They performed classics such as ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘She’s So Lovely’. It really brought the crowd together which was a great way to celebrate their ten year anniversary as a band. The atmosphere was unforgettable; when the band played they didn’t even need to sing as the crowd took over, singing their hearts out all the way through. It was truly unforgettable. It was a great way to see how well-known the songs were to the audience and it was clear that they really meant something to everyone.

They played a few of the songs from their 2015 Album ‘Still Thinking About You’. It was nice to see them mix up their set list instead of just sticking to the newer album, as a lot of artists do. They really catered to their audience well. It was clear that some of the crowd didn’t know some of the newer songs, but it didn’t stop them from dancing along and once they heard the chorus once or twice they were singing along with everyone else to the catchy songs.

What really stole the show was their cover of Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi, which was a really special moment. The crowd was going wild when the band began to play. They truly made such a well-known song their own. No one was disappointed by it.

Overall, I would recommend this tour to any Scouting for Girls fan; they play a variety of songs, new and old with a cover mixed in between. The atmosphere is indescribable to those who weren’t there. It really is an occasion where you have to really be there to understand how amazing they are. The band are still touring so go whilst you can – you will not regret it.


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