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LIVE REVIEW: Moose Blood @ O2 Academy, Newcastle

March 30, 2018 11:00 am

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Review by Alexander Hannam

It’s difficult to sum up one of the most magical nights of your life; it’s even harder when there’s so much you want to say.

After standing awkwardly outside of the O2 Academy for a couple hours, we all began to file in, shuffling with awkward anticipation for the show ahead. I knew very little about the support bands, in fact I didn’t even realise a small band called Honey Lung were opening for the night.

I’ll say it now – I was kicking myself for not having listened to Honey Lung beforehand, masterfully combining grunge, indie, metal and emo into one powerful package they blew me away. With the melancholic yet hopeful Sophomore I knew that this was a band quickly becoming a new favourite. The best part of their set was their chemistry, on top of killer tracks they had fun, smiling at each other between songs, cracking jokes, always a treat. Definitely keep an eye on these guys. You won’t regret it.

Next up were the energetic and moving The Dangerous Summer, they packed a set that made some cheer and made others cry. Their front man, with lots of love from the crowd (and lots of anger from the staff), climbed over the barrier and walked into the centre of the room. They were fun and their songs definitely lend themselves nicely to a live setting.

Finally, after the odd waiting music in between bands, on walked Moose Blood to much adoration. They played a variety of tracks from their catalogue, each one sporting two thousand people singing/screaming along to them. Vocalist Eddy Brewerton loved to playfully and humbly acknowledge this, stepping back for a famous line of a fan favourite and smiling playfully at the crowd with childlike amazement. I love Moose Blood, they hold a place very dear to my heart as I started listening to them just at the right time, and I am not ashamed to say I shed a tear or two throughout their set, their huge song  Honey was definitely what I needed at the time.

Whilst Moose Blood are amazing on their albums, their live performances will blow you away, and will also make you blow your nose after you cry for half of the set!


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