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SHOW REVIEW: Live Live Cinema: The Little Shop of Horrors @ Sage Gateshead

July 4, 2015 11:00 am

June 23, 2015
More information available on the Sage Gateshead website

Review by Jen Szandrowska

590x372.fitandcropWhat do you get if you cross four musicians, five umbrellas, high-powered tools and a box of cornflakes, a cult movie and a small patch of gravel? Regardless of how many movies you have seen, I highly doubt you have experienced anything quite like Live Live Cinema.

Upon finding out that four people were going to recreate the sound for The Little Shop of Horrors, I’ll admit I was sceptical. While it would be impressive, I didn’t imagine there would be much room for entertainment, as it wouldn’t be much different from watching the film at home. What I did not realise was that, when they said “sound”, they meant all of it. Every single sound effect was recreated, as well as music and speech. The four people on stage were suddenly a shop full of characters – an elderly lady and then a schoolgirl, mere breaths apart. It was more than just speaking a film’s lines that truly made the show. It was a guitarist’s race to reach the bicycle bell before the shop door opened and the rush to return to the piano before the scene changed. It was amazingly synchronised with the film on screen, and the seamless swapping of accents and instruments meant that the audience was engaged the whole time.

When the audience wasn’t in awe at the speed the players were moving, they were hoping that the performers would reach their next prop in time, amazed at the attention to detail (anything as small as a character shifting in their chair was deemed worthy of a part). The entire show must have been meticulously planned, and the performers were comfortable with it. Whether they were eating cereal or wielding power tools, the audience could tell that the people on stage were enjoying it just as much as they were.

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable show. So, whether you’re an old fan of Little Shop of Horrors or you’ve never seen the movie before, Live Live Cinema is definitely highly recommended.


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