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SINGLE REVIEW: A Glass Too Far by Corey Bowen

December 13, 2017 11:14 am

Review by Chloe Bell


Corey Bowen, a 22-year-old songwriter from Middlesbrough, tends to draw upon embarrassing moments in his life, which he tells through the medium of song. His newly released song: ‘A Glass Too Far’ does exactly that.

He tells the tale of a bad experience he had while on a first date, allowing listeners to visualise everything that happened. Through his humorous lyrics, he explains how the date rapidly went downhill, as he tried to combat his nerves with wine. The twenty-five second introduction has a playful melody that is carried throughout the song. It feels rather nostalgic, which is understandable, since Bowen gets much of his inspiration from classic songwriters. By combining nostalgic elements with modern elements, he has created a very catchy and memorable song.

Bowen’s song-writing is light-hearted, as he mocks himself throughout. This is what makes him different to other typical songwriters of today. The tune is cheerful; the guitar and drums blend to create this positive melody, establishing the upbeat tempo. He also has a very distinctive tone and accent when singing, which is refreshing to hear.

The song ends just like it begins, so it flows succinctly and coherently, making it likely for listeners to play the song over and over again. On the whole, it is clear that ‘A Glass Too Far’ is an entertaining, cheery and relatable song, because almost everyone has been in Bowen’s position before, and have also gone “a glass too far”.


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