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December 19, 2017 2:00 pm

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Review by Katie Wilson

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It’s the song that plays when you grab hold of a friend’s hand and run off to do something wild. OFFPEAK’s ‘Ain’t The Way’ is a wonderful cacophony of crashes and bangs that make you want to get up and play the air-guitar and dance around without an ounce of shame; it simply makes you want to be you. Despite the somewhat angsty lyrics, such as ‘You run from the pain,’ the song is ultimately inspirational, encouraging you to be brave, to find yourself, and to adventure.

Unlike many alternative rock and indie songs, that are just edgy for the sake of being edgy, ‘Ain’t The Way’ tells a story. This is down to the haunting lyrics of lead vocalist Jamie Pick, who paints a world full of bursting happiness, crushing sadness, and betrayal and love, in lines such as

‘Have you heard about the feeling of coming down from love?’. In other words, the song represents a life full of warring emotions. This is just one interpretation, of course, and ‘Ain’t The Way is’ the kind of song that can be interpreted in many different ways, by many different people. Maybe some will relate to the lyrics, or maybe the chaotic clash of instruments will remind others of their hectic lives.

It’s impossible to say this enough, but ‘Ain’t The Way’ creates such a vivid, rich world of raw beauty – so much so that it’s almost like listening to an awesome, very loud, piece of flash fiction.

The drum beats are the pounding footsteps running alongside a train as it races along the tracks. Each striking cord of the guitar is a character you want to go dancing in the dark with.

It’s very rare for a song to be brilliant from start to finish and for the chorus not to outshine the rest of the song, but OFFPEAK nails it. The song is practically a rollercoaster. You board the ride and it starts up, giving your stomach butterflies. The chorus is the crazy race of the ride that roars in your ears. The ending is the slow decline of the ride and you stumble off, drunk on the sound, excited to go on again.

‘Ain’t The Way’, is hands down, an awesome song and after listening to it, I honestly want to have the adventure of seeing it performed live.


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