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SINGLE REVIEW: Billy Liar – Ghost Guilt

February 2, 2018 11:03 am

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Review by Katie Wilson 



This song is weird. I know that sounds vague, but I really don’t know how else to describe it. The first time I listened to Billy Liar by Ghost Guilt, I was a little bit stunned and wondering what I’d just heard. I listened to it once then left it alone for a little while, but I began to notice that after only one listen, it was stuck in my head. Really, really stuck. Especially the phrasing of the chorus line, “Billy Liar”. It’s sang in such an odd way that I felt like I was personally being yelled at, but in a way that was fueled with frustration, yet admiration. I did say it was weird.

The first few seconds sound almost like those quirky little tunes from eight-bit games, then the vocals kick in and everything changes. ‘Billy Liar’ transforms into a mess of grunge: raw vocals, sludgy guitar, and wispy bass. As soon as the song begins, it sort of throws itself into the deep end of the genre, but it pulls it off.

As well as being hardcore grunge, Billy Liar is also a slice of punk rock, with it’s pounding drums, the rapid strumming of guitar and unbridled yells. Just like classic punk, there’s that feeling of rebellion deep within every chord, crash and note in this song, it would be blaring from the radio as you dye your hair shockingly bright colours. For me, I feel as if this song could be vocalising the many rebellions of youth, and the aftermath. Especially when after hearing the lyrics, “there’s no smoke without a fire,” and “the truth is always just behind you”.

I guess, overall, I still think this song is weird. Yet, I really like that about it. ‘Billy Liar’ is somewhat aggressive, but it’s not afraid to be its own sound. It’s not trying to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s why it’s so memorable and catchy. It knows what it wants to be, it’s got identity. As well of courage, to be able to go out and grab grunge by the horns, it holds on tight, too.

So, go listen to ‘Billy Liar’ by Ghost Guilt. You might just feel the urge to dye your hair shockingly bright colours, you never know.


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