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SINGLE REVIEW: Crow Cries by Goat Girl

August 10, 2017 11:00 am

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Review by Jade Gadd.


Indie music is once again on the rise, and Goat Girl’s new single ‘Crow Cries’ is a part of the evolution of 21st century music. ‘Crow Cries’ is the four-piece girlband’s third single.

Some believe that the band’s lyrics are deeper than most current artists, but I can’t comment on that personally as I am untrained to understand the lyrics of the band. Of the lyrics I can make out, they’re rather surreal and make the music feel like a rant. Maybe this is to make people think about how they live their lives and if they could do a better job of it, or just to acknowledge how absurd some elements of our society are.

The piece begins with a 30 second intro, which sounds very much like the other Goat Girl intros, which – while helpful for identifying the band – may make playing ‘name that song in 5’ a lot harder.

The music consists of drums, guitars and voices which are used to either compliment or contrast each other, emphasising the discord shown in the lyrics.

Goat Girl are most well known for their style of music videos, which is unusual for this decade. One video features strobe lights and head-banging, while another focuses solely on the mouths of people eating like babies; yes I did have to watch it in instalments and nearly threw up towards the end when food was coming out of their mouths. While ‘Crow Cries’ does have a YouTube video, as of yet it doesn’t have a music video.

If you’re a fan of The Fall, indie music in general, or just want to try something totally new, maybe ‘Crow Cries’ is the new anthem to your summer, or just the next 2 minutes 11 seconds. It could be your new favourite song and if the single just isn’t enough for you, then do not loose hope. The band is going on tour later this year, and so you can immerse yourself in the experience of Goat Girl.


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