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SINGLE REVIEW: Feels Like – Swine Tax

February 8, 2018 2:00 pm

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Review by Sarah Johnson


Newcastle’s ace Indie-Rockers Swine Tax, released their fourth single ‘Feels Like, 3 months ago. Pumped full of energetic verve, Swine Tax are becoming more and more comfortable with their claimed sound and we love it. They pump the Newcastle alt music scene full of passion and a hefty dose of agnsty enthusiasm.

Whining guitars and confused vocals are a common trait in all of Swine Tax’s songs. For being young guys, they really have their distinctive sound nailed. This is something that is really gripping for a fan or a listener; it’s the thing that hooks you and gets you to keep coming back to the artist’s music. In ‘Feels Like, you can really hear the trademarked sound and their common musical habits. This track is a real display of what Swine Tax are all about.

A short and fun crescendo at the beginning leads up to a groovy, walking paced rhythm. You kinda’ can’t help but sway your head back and forth. On the chorus, the pace is picked up and the whiney, trademarked guitar makes a come back. The rhythm inflicts a careless and anxious tone, yet at the same time, an optimistic and excited one.

This song really reminds me of early Arctic Monkeys, Sonic Youth and The Pixies, in the sense that they each all have something that makes them who they are. For example Arctic Monkeys have chaotic, indie instrumentals. Sonic Youth have dazed and confused vocals, which sound incredibly calm and informal. The Pixies have whiney guitars and odd little hooks which are peculiar, yet well adapted. I feel like ‘Feels Like’ really captures all of these features, but in it’s own Swine Tax way.

The lyrics are a medley of being in love as well as hazy habits. They really pair nicely with the glassy-eyed instruments. “Do you wanna, do you wanna, do you wanna, do you want to carry on?” “Feels like something new” “The skies are dark, your eyes are bright” “Oh can you feel it like I do? I swear you’re way too good to be true”, they capture being naively and awkwardly in love when you’re young.

And then, of course, what Swine Tax song isn’t complete without an instrumental roar of pure Indie-Rock and guitar thrashing?

Aside from a few minor flaws, Swine Tax really do have an amazing sound. You need to check this song out if you’re into Indie-Rock; it’s worth it.


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