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SINGLE REVIEW: Goat – ‘It’s Time for Fun’

August 10, 2015 11:00 am

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Rocket Recordings

Review by Katie Watson


Goat are the definition of a culture clash, but their combination of African guitars and psychedelic vocals comforts, rather than confuses. Their sound is so unusual that you have to hear it to believe it and their new single, ‘It’s Time for Fun’, is certainly an example of everything Goat can offer.

The song starts with a simple guitar rhythm, which morphs into a mild 60s style beat. By the time the vocals kick in, the songs builds from mild to spicy, until the extra-hot, wild scream that comes with the climax of the song. If the song was food, it would have whizzed up the spice-meter in only four minutes and it most definitely leaves you with a pleasant tingling in your ears.

Don’t be alarmed by the appearance of this eccentric bunch – they’re here to entertain, rather than scare. However, the fact that Goat keep their identities almost completely secret does make us question whether they are the beginning of some modern Illuminati clan.

The Swedish experimental group recently smashed Glastonbury’s The Park stage with their quirky music and tribal vibes. With sounds weirder than their eccentric masks, the band are sure to stand out from the crowd and headline many more festivals once music fans get over the shock of their fresh style.

Fans of the likes of Django Django and Massive Attack should watch out, as Goat may well take over the trip-hop psychedelic genre for good.


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