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SINGLE REVIEW: How To Boil An Egg by Courtney Barnett

June 12, 2017 11:00 am

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Review by Elle Wrightson.


‘How To Boil an Egg’ is an exciting new single from Australian singer-songwriter, Courtney Barnett. Courtney is best known for ‘Avant Gardener’ from the album A Sea of Spilt Peas, which is packed with witty, playful lyrics and an electric beat. Her brutally honest lyrics, which scrape against cynicism, progress into her new single, which features on the Split Singles Club, a collaboration between Bedroom Suck and Milk! Records.

‘How to Boil an Egg’ features lyrics that portray a dreamer who is tackling the hopelessness that fighting for a new start can generate. This subject resonates with many, reeling you into a safety net of shared – but often unspoken – thoughts, expressed through deadpan humour. By creating a union within the song, it is encouraging and inspiring. It shows how demotivation is present as often as motivation. But the punchy guitar riffs that surround the lyrics create a driving, toe-tapping rhythm. This creates an upbeat and lively song that feels cheery regardless of the lyrics. With both instruments and vocals performed by Barnett, her talent shines through, generating excitement for what the rest of the collaboration holds.

Courtney Barnett’s sound has grown into her new single, making a louder and bolder sound. Her lyrics are intriguing and unflinchingly honest, wrapped up into a catchy beat. ‘How to Boil an Egg’ is a song that grows more interesting with every listen. It is perfect for fans of indie rock or alternative music. She is a definite artist to watch in the future.


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