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SINGLE REVIEW: Mitski – Francis Forever

February 2, 2018 2:05 pm

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Review by Katie Wilson 


Mitski’s ‘Francis Forever’ is a song about details. The lyrics, “I’ve been trying to lay my head down, but I’m writing this at 3am,” create a sort of lovable reality within the song. It almost makes you feel like you are living inside the world the lyrics have created. This world is full of sunlight and lazy mornings and love. Heartache. It’s quite a slow song, but by no means boring. It sort of trickles into your ears as you listen to it, always rendering me speechless at how beautiful Mitski’s voice is. Especially when accompanied by those swampy guitars and crashing drums.

To me, the most striking thing about the song is the line: “I don’t think I could stand to be where you don’t see me.” It’s just everything about it. The phrasing, the aching beauty behind it, and the way it’s so relatable since I think we all have people in our lives we can’t live without, you know?

The first few chords, they steal you away and tell you that you’re about to hear something awesome. They don’t lie.

Honestly, ‘Forever Francis’ is one of those songs that I think I love a little too much, to the point where I probably sound like a raving lunatic. Apologies, but here I go again. If I were directing a movie, I would want ‘Francis Forever’ to be the opening song. Maybe that’s why I have such love for this, because when you listen to it, it sounds as if it should be an opening song for a movie. Because you feel as if you’re being introduced to an entirely new world, brimming with a rich cast of characters and provocative dialogue. I might just sound even crazier than before, but picture this: the title of the movie appears on a black background, and you hear the ever so slightly fuzzy fist note of ‘Francis Forever’. Need I say more?

It’s one of those songs that makes you feel so happy you stumbled upon it, that you almost feel sad, because nothing else will ever be as wonderful. Listening to it is kind of like that feeling you get when you’re with your friends, a sort of delirious happiness and sense of cosiness.

So I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I really love this ‘Francis Forever’.



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