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SINGLE REVIEW: The Man by The Killers

July 28, 2017 11:00 am

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From the album Wonderful Wonderful, out 22nd September 2017.

Review by Roisin Corbett.


After a five year absence, The Killers have emphatically announced their return to the indie-rock scene with their new single ‘The Man’ (lead single to their upcoming fifth album Wonderful Wonderful).

Right from the opening notes, this is an exceptionally confident piece of music. The opening synth and gospel choir combo demands the attention of the listener, and this arresting nature does not relent for its entire duration. Brandon Flowers’s vocals are impressive as ever, especially his soaring vocal range, which is implemented very effectively within the track. Fans of the band will be delighted that this is a far cry from the vaguely lacklustre efforts of the previous album Battle Born, and is instead is much more reminiscent of the band’s earlier work.

However, that isn’t to say that the band have regressed musically. As lead singer Brandon Flowers has said himself, this is definitely the band’s ‘funkiest’ work to date. What this track has in common with earlier hits such as ‘Mr Brightside’ or ‘When You Were Young’ is how incredibly commercially viable it is. It mixes memorable hooks with a catchy, repetitive chorus designed to sound best when sung by a crowd, and is a neat 4 minute package ideal for radio airplay.

It could be argued that a single whose lead lyric is ‘I’m the man’ is just that little bit too cheesy. However, the track is self-aware enough to not take itself too seriously, and so the corny element works. In a similar way to The Killers’ hometown of Las Vegas, anything can pull off being cheesy as long as it has enough swagger, which is something this particular track has in spades.

If ‘The Man’ is an indication of the direction the band is heading in, fans will be in for a treat. Indeed, some dates of the band’s recently announced ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ UK tour sold out in minutes, with ‘The Man’ currently the only evidence of what the upcoming album might sound like.

On the whole, the track is a stunning return to form for The Killers, and signals a lot of good things to come. This is an ideal summer track: it’s catchy, musically accomplished, and most importantly; it’s fun. Expect to be sick of this song by September; you’ll be hearing a lot of it.


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