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SINGLE REVIEW: Velvoir – Jackboot

February 16, 2018 11:00 am

Velvoir by Sarah Stone Stenhoff


By Elle Wrightson

Jackboot by Velvoir is out now


Image by Sarah Stone Stenhoff


Newcastle-upon-Tyne trans-fronted art rock band Velvoir have released their exciting new single Jackboot. It contains tones of their self released debut EP, The Old World Is Dying…Bring Out Your Dead, as they remain unashamedly human. The quartet don’t hold back in terms of sound; they are bold, punchy and extravagant.

Physically, Jackboots are heavy, military style boots that reach knee height. They embody power and control, reflecting their symbolism of the cruel behaviours that plague society. The continual references to tyranny in the chorus; “you wouldn’t know tyranny if a jackboot stood on your throat”,  is packed with cynicism, distrust and oppression.

The political theme continues with the punchy, sharp-tongued lyric “seduced by slogans n’ drunk on certainty, privileged cowards and moral oligarchs”. By referencing “oligarchs”, meaning the one percent of the world who hold power and therefore control, over the rest of the population, injustice shines through. The use of “privileged cowards” suggests disgust at how our society operates. Combined, these images emphasise the necessity for change within our society. By encouraging defiance, the band create a rowdy, rebellious atmosphere.

The experimental sounds of the single reflect these attitudes as guitar textures and powerhouse rhythms are layered throughout. The sounds are fast paced and punchy, creating affirming and enthralling dynamics. The pitch creates an intense, chilling effect that ripples energy throughout.

Velvoir have produced a thought-provoking single that shows clear progression from their previous EP. The sounds are hypnotic, unrestrained and powerful. The lyrics are unflinching and filled with ideologies that leave the listener curiously questioning the morality of our society. Jackboot is a song that is perfect for fans of rock or psychedelic music. It is interesting, enticing and a song that will  dominate live gigs.


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