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STAGE REVIEW: Bankers @ Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle

February 28, 2018 11:00 am


Review by Georgia Knight

In the small, trendy Alphabetti Theatre, a talented cast of four performed a thought-provoking play entitled Bankers. The performance was presented by Write on Tap and the cast consisted of the compelling Sarah Boulter, the hilarious Paul Gaitskell, the endearing Robin Paley Yorke and the flamboyant Leah Mains. The theatre piece was a collection of four plays, linked by themes of struggle – namely of the financial kind – exploring food banks and the 2008 banking crisis.

These plays were based on the subject of tough financial times and analysed the strain this can cause in various relationships. The actors managed to play multiple parts and it was easy to distinguish between characters – thus, I found the work very admirable. I also loved the refreshing balance of comedy and hard-hitting content. The play touched on some very potent and somewhat relatable focus points, however I feel most of the audience were perhaps a bit too middle class to fully understand the struggle conveyed in the performances.

These short plays showed how so many can be affected by financial issues and how these troubles fall on and hit people differently. I particularly loved Paul Gaitskell’s character of the extravagant, shady and arrogant banker in Damascus; his exaggerated performance was mesmerising and hysterically funny and really shone a light on the very real corruption of some of the elite members of society. I felt this was a wonderfully created character and that this absurd benefiter drew a very interesting and stark contrast between financial situations and understanding in humanity, when next to the compassionate and unfortunate characters of the play.

I will admit, as I am not entirely knowledgeable on finance and the banking crisis, I did not fully understand Bankers to the extent I would have liked to. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the work and understood the emotions and thoughts portrayed in the piece. Bankers was thoroughly thought provoking and I wish to congratulate everyone involved for such talented acting, writing and overall successful, inspiring and respectable exploration of the fragile subject of finance and relationship struggles.


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