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Ten Romantic Films

February 14, 2018 11:00 am

By Adam Turnbull


  1. True Romance

The first Valentine’s film I think is interesting is True Romance, which thanks to Quentin Tarantino’s script has fast talking grit. The plot involves star-crossed lovers Alabama and Clarence who find their love is interrupted by Alabama’s pimp who won’t let her go. Clarence takes action to kill her pimp, played by Gary Oldman. This starts a chain of events that causes trouble for the very much inseparable lovers.


  1. Casablanca

Casablanca is my second film choice, featuring the great Humphrey Bogart, who plays the owner of a bar in Casablanca called Rick Blaine, who bumps into an old flame he met before the war, accompanied by her husband. Her husband is a famed rebel and Rick helps to get them out of the country. This is a classic story of passion and doomed romance that resonates through the ages.


  1. Punch Drunk Love

Punch Love Drunk is a film starring Adam Sandler who falls in love with Emily Watson. Adam’s character Barry Eagan finds himself in trouble with the boss of a sex line operator, as well as enduring an unlikely task to find loads of puddings to gain prize money for a competition.


  1. Romeo And Juliet

Romeo And Juliet  with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, who play the star-crossed lovers. This film is a modernised version of the Shakespeare play which brings new vitality and displays a modern example of a world where religious beliefs and  gang hatred could still separate star-crossed lovers today.


  1. Rebecca

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca is a story of love that is tested by people beyond the grave. Max de Winter’s new bride feels anguish but finds she already has troubles with her husband’s old housekeeper, Mrs Danvers who is  still loyal to the detested old wife of Max’s. Slowly the new bride finds she is trapped in a web of intrigue and murder.


  1. The Corpse Bride

Tim Burton’s animated film shows whatever the differences love can still find root in the most unlikely places. Victor, voiced by Johnny Depp, is forced into an arranged marriage. But during the film is lost in the world of the dead where a mysterious undead bride (voiced by Helena Bonham Carter) wishes to marry him slightly against his wishes.


  1. La Belle et la Bete

Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bete , also known as the Beauty And The Beast, is the story of Belle who, because of her father’s promise, has to go out and see the terrifying creature that wishes to marry her, but soon she will understand her lonely suitor’s curse. This film shows how even though two people’s relationship can seem unlikely, through trust and long understanding love can prosper.


  1. Titanic

Titanic by James Cameron is the most epic of romantic films, with the great tragedy of the Titanic being sunk as the backdrop of Rose and Jack’s love affair (played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo diCaprio). The film serves as a perfect example of a romance hampered by a class divide and tragedy, although Rose and Jack’s love will last through time.


  1. Bonny and Clyde

Played By Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty. Both Bonny and Clyde seem bored by ordinary life and find pleasure in robbing banks and stealing cars, they are the ultimate thrill seekers and are both in love with each other. But this trail of destruction and thievery comes with a price that they will both pay for with their lives.

        10. Sullivan’s Travels

Sullivan’s Travels  depicts love that appears at first as a good friendship but through harsh experiences. Sullivan is a movie director who wants to write a script based on the harsh experiences of life and tries to go incognito as a tramp to experience life’s poorer side. On his trip he meets an out of work actress (played by Veronica Lake) and together they take the trip to explore the poor side of  the American dream and gradually find love.




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